Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No news is good news...right?

Nothing is happening. My life is wrapped around a 7 lb. furry animal that I love and nothing else is happening. I go to work, I eat, I hang out with the girls, and that's it. It's very strange because - nothing else is happening. Normally in my life there is always something going on in the background. But I guess most of that junk happens during school.

Oh well, for right now I am content with nothing. But unfortunately that leaves me nothing to write about.

Except for the fact that Charlie won't eat. It's getting annoying because I'm starting to worry. I put down her breakfast and she doesn't eat it anymore. She'll eat a few bites, play, eat a few more, and then quit altogether. Ugh. Eat dog! Now she is just sitting and chewing on her bone.

So my mission today is to figure out what to do. I'm going to email her breeder and then head straight to Google.

Oh, have I mentioned she loves to lick my toes. It's something that I've come to accept. It's going to happen no matter what I do, so fine. She can lick my toes - just as long as she isn't licking my face.

The video below represents one more thing Charlie doesn't like. We'll add this to the list along with purple frisbee, vacuum, and swiffer (ya know, the one I'm always using to mop up her pee).

She's slowly on her way to being brown. Her paws are huge and she is gaining weight. We go to the vet for the first time on Thursday, and not gonna lie I'm kind of excited. Except for the fact that I'll be shelling out my last paycheck for her shots and junk.

It's been strange having her all the time. It's been a month since I got her. Sometimes I look at her and think "I can't believe I actually have a dog." Then when she poops on the carpet I think "I can't believe I have a dog." But then I stare into that little face and melt. And when we lay on my bed together I love that she like to sleep between my legs with her head on my thigh.

When she wimpers during bath time it breaks my heart. And you should hear the sounds she makes when I let her out of the fenced in area. But then there are the times, like just now for instance, when she runs away with my laundry, and I have to chase her around the room. That girls is quick.

Needless to say, I love her. And I never regret getting a dog. Even during those times when I have to take her to the bathroom in the middle of dinner.


  1. Dogs seem to get tired of their food. I have to add things to Susie's food to get her to eat. She gets dry food and canned. Our vet says that when they get hungry enough, they will eat what you set out. Right now I add a little low-fat cottage cheese to her canned food and she eats!

    I love Charlie and her ball video. She's just so cute and isn't afraid to tackle that big ball.

  2. we used to put water in o.d.'s food...then when she stopped eating that, we stopped adding it. and so forth.