Thursday, July 10, 2008

A love rekindled...

Oh Photoshop, how I have missed you. Charlie has been keeping me busy, and instead of it inspiring me to action - I sit around like a bump on a log. Anyway, today was a productive day for me and as I sat down to enjoy my hour and a half of freedom before bed, I felt the need to be creative. I have not felt this need in a long, long time. Like since-before-Christmas-long-time.

What you are about to see is my journey of learning. I have once again found the photoshop I know and love. When I sat down I orginally planned to attack the photos Kelly sent me of the "guinness book of world records long slip 'n slide," but was distracted by this tutorial. Don't worry - I'll get to those photos soon enough.

I'd like to preface this story by telling you this took me a solid 2 hours. So don't mock my hard work and love of blue - because it took for-e-ver. The length of time it took me is due to my lack of experience...learning your way around Photoshop is not easy. There are about 50 different tools and then there are options for every tool! Uff Dah!

The blue gradient you see below took a few trys to accomplish. When I got it I felt like screaming - it was so exciting. I know it's simple - but there were a few steps to get that blue.


Then it was time to add stuff. Lots of stuff. Notice the change of the background - another exciting step!


The hardest part was finding my balance. Is there too much junk? Should I add more? What should I take away? Should I change the color of something? Unfortunately for you, blue is my favorite color. I love every shade of blue and I love the way each shade looks together.


For my final product I got rid of some small details and tried to make sure it wasn't too overwhelming. Not sure how anybody else will like it - but I love it. Lots. Mostly I think I like it because of the time it took to put together, the excitement of learning new tools, the blue, and the bubbles.


Hooray for Photoshop and all those creating online/free tutorials.


  1. I LOVE IT and want a print out of it for on a wall. Maybe since I love blue too!

  2. wow mrs saint..i was just about to say, "That would look so awesome on a wall!" Crazyyy