Monday, July 21, 2008

It's where the pets go

Charlie and I took our first trip to PetCo today. It wasn't my first time - but it was our first time together. Knowing Charlie, I was a little worried that she wouldn't follow me on the leash and I would look like an idiot carrying my dog around. We went in, got her nails clipped, ears cleaned (um, gross), and got out. She seemed to have fun sniffing around and meeting new people. And she followed me very well on the leash.

The rides there and back were full of cuteness.


Charlie seemed to be a little nervous about her seat at first, it usually takes her a little bit to settle in.


But once she does she seems good to go.


Honestly, who could resist this face?


She hadn't had her nap today and she yawned the whole way there. Finally she gave in and laid down.


The trip was a success and we even left with a friend. I know, I know - I spoil her. But only with toys. She is just so darn cute and she needed a buddy. But I must admit, I really got this toy for me, because I knew she would look cute carrying it around. And I did not stage this shot.


Right now Charlie is spending time in her fence area (which is awesome by the way). After I put her in, I went to the bathroom to look out the window. She just sat by the gate waiting for me to come back (torture!). So I set a timer, and came up here to be distracted. 1 minute left till I let her out.


  1. I've wondered about getting one of those seats for chicken Susie but so far I just avoid taking her in the car. Good that Charlie will learn early in life how to go places with you. She is so cute...and tell more about the fence and pictures!