Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a Croc!

Leia has been missing the other half of a pair of pink crocs for awhile now. Kelly was positive that the missing croc was at our house. It makes sense, the last time we saw it on her was here. But it is nowhere to be found. We looked in/under/around/over/beside everything in the house! Everybody was part of the search party.


Except Miss "I n'know." She entertained herself while the rest of us asked her over and over: "Leia, where is your shoe?"


The kids stopped by today for some random reason and found me in my room. And then they found the dog crate. I promise you - this was not my idea. I tried to get her to do it yesterday but she wouldn't. Today she just hopped right in. So, I guess technically, it was my idea. Oops.


Then everyone needed to try. They would have had more space but I already have it parted and ready for my puppy. That little Rhino Tommy is holding is the cuddly friend I got for Charlie. Since she won't have me to cuddle with at night. Because no matter how cute she is, she is not sleeping in bed with me. She's not. Really, she's not! Ok, maybe every once in awhile.


Lukey and Tommy growled when they got in the crate. I hope that isn't a sign of what's to come.


Even Emily gave it a shot. But since she is now a big ten year old - she didn't fit very well. Leia didn't seem to understand that because she kept trying to shut the door on Emily.


In 7 days there will be a puppy in that crate. I can't wait. Mom walked into my room today to tell me it was time to start cleaning and she said "You need a dog in here!" I agree.

Puppy countdown = 6 days.

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