Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Rug

When we moved into 718, one of the rules was that we cover 75% of the traffic areas. So I invested all of 12 bucks (maybe) in a rug from Ikea.
Take a look at this rug. A good long look: notice how big it is in relation to the room. Notice how much of it is hidden because of furniture. Don't worry about the numbers - they are from a previous post.

IMG_1589 copy

When I moved home I knew I would want to hold on to that rug so that I could cover some of my floor. I figured Charlie is going to have a couple "accidents" while she is being potty trained, er, house broken. So I thought "great, this rug is huge, it'll cover a good chunk of my floor."

Boy was I mistaken. Don't get me wrong - it covers a good amount. But I remembered it being a lot bigger. Also - you see those lovely ripples in my rug? That is just the kind of thing that eats at my brain until I fix it.


Just goes to show you how "big" my room at school really was. Yuck - just thinking of living in that room makes me wanna run around screaming and waving my arms in the air like that monkey in the Weezer video.

This rug helps to remind me to be thankful for how big my room is here. Ya know what? I have the biggest room in the house. No lie - maybe it's because I'm the middle child and secretly work my magic to make all my wildest dreams come true. Or maybe it's because no one wanted it. Definitely the latter. But really, no one wanted it. When we put on the addition Mom moved Zack downstairs and away from the women. Esther and Char both wanted one of the new rooms. Esther got the far one and Char got the middle one so we could be close.

That worked out really well for Char and me during all the times we were supposed to be asleep but were really running back and forth leaving notes under each others doors. We thought we were so sneaky - Mom and Dad probably knew the whole time.

Anyway - all that said - I am just so thankful to have space again and room to move and breath and play with my puppy (you know, the one I'll have in 5 days).

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  1. Your room looks so great, Ginner. It looks like you have your own little apartment. Charlie is going to love living there with you! Smart idea to have the rug, however. To me the fun with a dog starts after two things happen - 1, potty trained and 2, she learns your language and you learn hers. When you get that connection it all just gets so easy. Counting the days with you!