Monday, June 16, 2008

Ready, Set, Puppy!

I'm ready. I have everything I need....I think. I have all the major necessities for Charlie. Cricket and I went shopping today and got it all in one shot. So now that my room is puppy-ready, I just need the puppy.

I took your advice Auntie Karen and got Charlie a bed for when I am at my computer. Though I'm sure I'll always want her on my lap - she probably won't always want to be there.


Here is her crate - maybe the most exciting purchase of the day. Not because it's pretty or fun or anything, but because its a real sign that Charlie will soon be here. It's a nice crate, it folds up for easy transport, but the sucker is heavy for sure.


The thing on top of the crate is another bed. I know, I know - she doesn't need three beds, but this one was so cute. So I couldn't resist. Besides, this one is very portable and can be draggd around the house with ease (at least that is my excuse).


In the corner of my room I set up her toys/eating spot.


Cricket and I had fun picking out toys for her. As you can see we got her a soccer ball because we need to start her off early. We also got her a frisbee because it was small and awesome. And in the back corner you can see the tennis balls - the regular sized one and the puppy sized ones.


The cute purple collar I got Charlie won't fit her for a little bit since she is so tiny. So I got her another one today until she grows into the purple one. I wanted to get her another purple one - but all the purple ones were dumb. So Cricket talked me into this one.


I never thought my dog would be wearing a pink collar. It was a really fun/expensive trip to PetCo. I'm now a card member there - like Giant. To get the discounts you need the club card. I'm almost there!

Puppy Countdown - 10 days.


  1. I LOVE Charlie's "furniture" and toys. She's going to truly be a pampered pet...but that's how we're supposed to treat our little furry children. Love the little bed and crate and everything. Good taste in dog stuff!