Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Planet Nerd

I'm not sure if you know this already - but I love to watch Planet Earth. When it first came out during my junior year, I made sure that I was free every Sunday night so that I could watch the next 2 episodes. I love the constant information. I admit it, I'm a nerd. But God gave us this beautiful planet and Planet Earth has shown me it's beauty in new ways.

In the "Seasonal Forest" episode they show the leaves changing color - from space! If you were in a spaceship in the fall you would be able to see the leaves changing. How beautiful is that? Kinda makes me wonder if God likes watching the leaves change as much as we do. Many of the things they talk about in Planet Earth are grand, and by grand, I mean huge. Like how a swarm of locust can be 10 miles wide and take 3 hours to pass or the migration patterns of whales, and wildebeests, and elephants.

With all the cicadas outside I have been itching to watch that section again. The cicadas are disgusting and loud - but there are some things that I bet you didn't know about them. When the cicadas come out it is the biggest insect emergence on the planet, numbering over 1 billion.

If you were to walk outside of our house during the day you would hear the buzzing of all the cicadas. They kill branches and die on my car, leaving nasty bits of grime. They fly into your face and zoom past your ear and are a general nuisance (to humans anyway).

But even the most annoying of insects has a purpose. There are so many cicadas that when they die they cover the forest floor. Their bodies decay and because of all this fertilizer the trees enjoy a growth spurt. Everything from birds to squirrels to turtles to raccoons feast on the defenseless cicada. The forest, as a whole, has a full stomach.

So remember the next time you want to punch one in the face, though they are loud and disgusting, they feed the forests that give this planet life. Who knew that this blog could be ridiculous and educational?

In other, more hilarious news....I ran over the newspaper today with the mower. I know what you're thinking, "How on planet earth could you do that?" Well, please, allow me to explain. The TriCounty was sitting on the road by the mailbox, I was about to pick it up as I road by but figured that it wouldn't bother me so I would get it when I was done. Right after this train of thought - I pulled up to the mailbox to mow around it. To mow around the mailbox, the blades of the mower have to go into the road a bit.

Not gonna lie - I died of laughter when I heard the mower suck in the paper and then spit it out in pieces. The only unfortunate thing about this was that there was no one there to laugh with...oh, and the fact that I had to clean it all up. There I was, in the front yard, sweeping the bits of paper into the trash can, but I was laughing the whole time. Good times.

Too bad Ethan "The Shredder" wasn't there to laugh with me. He would have enjoyed my paper shredding technique.

And since I'm sharing with you one of my favorite YouTube videos - I might as well share 2. Here is Abby reciting Psalm 23. "Surely?"

P.S. Puppy Countdown = 18 hours. Can you believe it?


  1. I just "loled" at the mower incident!

  2. Nerd. Jk, I totally lruv planet earth.

    "Candy mountain Chaarlie!" (have you seen that one?)