Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures! Yay!

Before I start with all the cute and adorable and fun stories of Charlie's first day with me - I'd like to show you what I look like right now as I write this. After all the excitement and sniffing, Charlie has finally tuckered out.


Ok, now to the rest. Charlie, Mom and I had an fun ride home. Aside from Mom being totally distracted by Charlie, the ride went smoothly. There was some wimpering in the beginning and she was definitely unsure of what was going on, but we made it home without a fuss.


Mom took this one:


She spent the car ride walking around my neck and not being able to decide if she was more comfortable in the front or in the back. She even fell asleep for a little.


Before taking Charlie home we stopped by the office and introduced her to Esther and Dad, and everyone else in the office :) She was a big hit. After that pitstop we came home. Charlie hadn't gone to the bathroom so we took her out back to go.


The Culbert kiddies and Kelly were just walking outside, spotted Charlie, then ran down to play. They loved her of course, and aside from her being a little overwhelmed, she loved them too.





Leia follower Charlie around showering her with kisses.


Then I pulled up a chair to wait til she went to the bathroom.


She wondered around the yard sniffing everything. Since it was cute puppy walking/stumbling I got out my camera to take a video. There is a blessed event at the end of the video that I did not expect.

New developement: Charlie peed on the rug. She tricked me. Now she is slumbering sweetly. This is how she started:


This is how she got comfy:



  1. I am so super jealous. I want a puppy so bad, but I live in an apartment --- blah!