Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Moving in has been a crazy process. I've realized that I hate moving. But who can blame me? Every year I was in college I moved 4 separate times. I moved in at the beginning of the semester, moved home for Christmas, moved back for spring semester, and moved home again for summer. That adds up people. But this move has been a lot easier. I can put things in their place knowing I'll be able to leave them there for a very long time. I won't be moving come fall semester because I'll be living here. It's a wonderful feeling.

When I tell people I am moving home for the fall I get mixed reactions. Some people say "oh ok, that makes sense" others say "ew." I must admit that the latter reaction comes from college kids. But I love home, it's not awkward or hard or strange. It's home and comfortable and easy.

Unfortunately that doesn't make moving in any easier. It still takes time. Usually to move something where I want it to go I must move 9 other things out of the way. But I finally did it. I still have a few more things to move in, but I'm confident they will fit perfectly.

Here is the crazy mess that I dealt with all day yesterday.


To fully understand the weight of this mess I must let you in on one of my personality flaws. I am the typical American - I wan instant gratification (which I think is why I like mowing the lawn so much). The reason this effects me moving in is because I look at this mess, feel completely overwhelmed, and then want to walk out and never come back.


Mom came in the room yesterday to see if I needed anything. I asked for a few desk organizers and file folders. Then she said "Do you need anything else?" and I said "Esther." Esther has this knack for getting things going and seeing the bigger picture...and making me throw things away.


This time around though, throwing things away wasn't my problem. My problem was not throwing things away. I'm so ready to have a clean, organized room that anything that didn't fit became eligible to live in the big black trash bag.


Whew, those pictures are starting to make me revert back to the "I wanna walk out" stage. Seeing this next one makes me feel so much better. Let's see how pretty and organized everything looks.




Notice how the room has gotten cleaner and you can actually see my bed. The next step became putting things on the walls. Guess I could have pushed the drawer in before I took this picture.





It's nice to no longer have middle school pictures up on the walls. Obviously, I still have some work to do, but I feel very good for having gotten as much done as I have. You can even move around in my room without tripping.

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