Friday, May 9, 2008

She did what?

I know, I know. It seems impossible doesn't it? It has to be. And maybe even a little bit unfair, slightly outrageous, and a tad unwise.

MAYO 1964 #014 Debby Stacey and Susie

It's just completely unbelievable!

MAYO Debby and Olaf 1976 #1

But I continually find evidence of the fact. It all just seems too unreal.


After all my begging and pleading and not so subtle hints. This is what I find.

MAYO Saint-Debby & Suzie with swim caps

Can it really be true? It must be.

MAYO 1978 Debby and Olaf

My Mom, of all people, rejected me getting a dog for so long. Yet, I find picture after picture of her with all the Susies and Olafs of her life.

MAYO Saint-Deb and Suzie in Sherman Oaks

But there is a happy ending to this scary tale - My Mom said yes. And soon we will both have a dog in our lives. It's just beautiful.

To be fair, my Dad said yes too. This is also a beautiful thing. And if you know him - you just may not believe that he said yes. Because we all know how much Dad liked Tigger, especially after that little cat took a leak on the stove. Anyway. But that's what makes it so beautiful. It's also the reason why Mom got him this for Christmas -


Ok, that's not the real reason, but I have a feeling he's gonna need it.


  1. Better be careful, Ginner. Your mom just might try to steal your dog's affections from you! She LOVES dogs and that's one reason I was always so surprised she didn't want one. You've exposed the truth.

  2. check my xanga for my reaction.