Saturday, May 17, 2008

Picture Time!

Today is our last day in Florida and tomorrow we begin our long journey home. Long journey, like 18 hour journey. To sum up what has happened so far would be a very long and detailed explaination. So you will be getting pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

Say hello to the car - it was packed.


And so it begins...this is one of many car pictures.


I will not tell you the quote that goes along with this picture - because I'd have to beep a word out, but to say the least, Crick and I were very excited when we finally made it to South Carolina. The flag lets you know when you reach your destination!


In S.C. we ate at a place called T-Bonz. They had huge forks.


In S.C. we also got to see an 800 year old tree. Pretty Cool.


When we finally got to Florida, we hit the pool and so did our toys. Mom bought us goodie bags and there were some toys inside.


This is the amazing pool we spent the week in. It was awesome.


Then we headed to disney, where we met some unusual characters. In total we met Timon, Balou, and King Louis. I wore my cubs shirt that day, the one I got in Illinois for 5 dollars, and about 5 people cheered for it. Weird. Too bad I don't watch baseball and I don't like the cubs, and I'm not from chicago.


Esther tried on the Captain Jack hat. It was all over disney that day.


Hey Char, guess what - there were birds everywhere.


Here we are with the Castle in the background. We had a good day in the Magic Kingdom.


We spent the next day in Animal Kingdom. This is us in the Bug's Life 3D show. It was hilarious and so were the glasses.


See the mountain in the background? That's Everest - the sweetest roller coaster in Disney. Loved it!


We walked around Animal Kingdom and got to see amazing animals. This is my favorite animal - the tiger.


We roasted at Animal Kingdom. It was very, very hot. So hot that we decided to get some drinks - we needed em. We all got carded :)


Tonight we went to downtown disney to shop and walk around. The Lego store was awesome, and for a mere $499.99 you could own the Millenium Falcon.


This one is for our biggest Buzz fan - everytime we saw Buzz we thought of our own little Buzz at home -Lukey.


I told you it would be a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoyed them though. It was hard to pick the favorites. There are many, many more.

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  1. Yay I loved the photos! My fav. is mom in the bug's life glasses...too cute.