Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

We had a picnic on Memorial Day to celebrate Frank and Char's very first anniversary. It's kinda crazy, 20 years old and already married for one year.

A picnic wouldn't be a picnic without the Culberts, so we grilled and ate and laughed. And of course got some good photos of the kiddies.

Leia decided that today wasn't just any normal day - today she had to have two drinks.

picnic 002

It was such a special day that I even got Frank and Lukey to look directly into the camera and smile. Best Buds.

picnic 012

Climbing in the tree is always a favorite activity during picnics. If you can't find a kid - they are most likely in the tree.

picnic 013

picnic 014

In an attempt to find something to do, I broke out the old wheelbarrow. It made for some good laughs. Leia didn't get out of the thing once she realized how fun it is when someone pulls you. All I heard was "run Ginner, run Ginner." Pulling 2 kids on that thing doesn't make it easy to run.

picnic 021

Tommy had a little trouble pulling both kids by himself.

picnic 027

Leia decided to do a little running.

picnic 023

Somehow, Emily ended up on top of Lukey. Not sure why though.

picnic 030

Here Charlotte, Lukey, and Tommy are pretending to be turtles in their shell.

picnic 034

After taking her dress off and proclaiming "I don't need that" we had a naked baby running around.

picnic 036

The picnic was great. Can't wait for some more.


  1. aww, i like the new top thingy (i forget the official name)