Monday, May 5, 2008

A little late

Happy 20th Birthday Mrs. Grosso! It’s strange to think you have been married for almost a year now. I remember when it was always just you and me.

For those of you that don't remember Charlotte before she was Mrs. Grosso - please, allow me to refresh you memory. I'd like to introduce you to my shy, cute, little sister. Wait...cute?

MAYO 1995 Saint-Char school picture

Ok, ...she was definitely cute. The old saying "A picture is worth 1,000 words" holds true to photos of Charlotte. Each photo gives away a different aspect of her personality.

For example, in this photo, Charlotte is showing us how expressive she is. The way the look on her face just captures her emotions gives us true insight into her character.

MAYO Saints 12

Here Charlotte shows us her love of company. You can just tell by that look on her face that she loves having 3 older siblings. Once again, she lives with her emotions right on her sleeve.

MAYO Saints 14

Char has always been a meticulous human being. She went to great lengths to clean between her rolls. And we see, once again, the way her facial expression lets us really know how she feels.

MAYO Saints 12-88

Before Charlotte was married. She used to be a picky eater. Mom and Dad had a hard time getting her to eat certain foods. But a lot has changed since then.

MAYO Saints 11

When Charlotte was younger, she didn't really see the importance of working out because she has always been strong. Which is why she has recieved the nickname "The Hulk." As you can see, she has shown us from a very young age how strong she really is.

MAYO Saints 7

Growing up with Char was quite the experience. We've shared a lot of laughs. It's been wonderful learning from her and watching as her life unfolds.

CIMG5998copy copy

Happy Birthday to my favorite little sister.


  1. Ya, it's a good one! You nailed it again. That's our Char Char. Mom

  2. Aw thanks pookie. Sorry I didn't see it until today: ) I love it...woohoo.