Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lion King

While all the grown-ups went to church for a meeting, I stayed home and watched the kiddies. It was just like any other night - movie, popcorn, tickling, and laughing. We also had a few mishaps as usual.

While I was making the popcorn the kids were playing on the recliner. Then all of a sudden I hear screaming. I turn around and the recliner had tipped over backwards and was resting on Lukey's little toes. I don't think it hurt him as much as it scared him, because he didn't seem too bad.

Another mishap was Leia's diaper. bleck. I don't need to go into details. Normally when we ask Leia if she is stinky she says no, because she doesn't like getting her diaper changed. But this time around when I asked her she said "yeah" to my utter shock and surprise. I found out why when I changed her. I say again - bleck.

Other than that - the night was very much the same as any other night. It's fun to watch as Leia learns new words and new phrases. She found a towel and decided that I needed to cover her with it. So she would sit on my lap and say "Ginner, cover me. Cover me, Ginner." Over and over.

So I decided that it was my turn to teach her something. Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. Notice how she keeps moving left and right - I think she knew she could control me.

And just because I don't play favorites. Here are some pictures of the little punks I babysat that night. They are pretty entertaining to say the least.

IMG_1623 copy


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