Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Time

It was grandparents day at Robeson Elementary on Friday. Mom and I were honorary grandparents for the day. Mom went alone last year, but with three kiddies in Robeson, she was worried she wouldn't be able to make it to all of their rooms. So I tagged along.

It was all very exciting. I loved it. I think some of the other grandparents thought it was a little strange when I walked into the room. The day started out with performances. The theme was the Beatles. Every grade sang a different Beatles song. The auditorium was packed. So Mom and I started out standing at the back wall. As each grade performed and more grandparents left, we slowly made our way forward. By the time fourth grade was performing we had made it to the front row, much to Emily's chagrin.

The kindergartners performed first. Since the theme was the Beatles, they all had beatle antennas on. It was adorable. It took Mom and I awhile to find our little beatle, but it was great once we found him. Kindergarten sang "Love You Do." I was too far away to get a picture of him singing, so here is one I took in the classroom. We did get his attention finally, and his little wave may be the cutest wave I've ever seen.


He's holding the picture we drew together.


It's a picture of camping and a fire and hot dogs. He wanted to draw what he would be doing in "Picksburgh."

The next of our "grandchildren" to perform was Annie. Our big 2nd grader. She came out in her skirt and pigtails and big smile. She knew all the lines to the song and all the dance moves. We were close enough at this point to get some good pictures. The video below is a portion of the song they sang. They all did a very good job. Oh, and Annie is in the very back row in the middle - look for the pigtails.

When I went to Annie's class she took me through every page of her science journal. Well, almost every page. She was going to go through every page, until Tommy said "Stop showing us this stuff so we can leave." As soon as the kids were ready to go, we were allowed to take them home, and Tommy was ready to go to Pittsburgh.


Emily's was our last performer and her class sang Shake It Up Baby. It was great, they boys were on the right and the girls were on the left, so they took turns singing. I started to take a video of Emily, but I could tell I was embarrassing her so I stopped. She did great. She's getting so tall.


Then she took us to see the blue birds that her class was feeding. She said the eggs had just hatched so we all took a walk to see the blue birds. It was a beautiful day. Unfortunately the blue birds had already left.


Here are the kiddies all grown up. Guess I can't be calling them "the kiddies" for too much longer. Emily is 10 now, she just made it to double digits. Annie is a very energetic 8 year old. T-bone just turned 6 and is getting wittier every day.


I loved being a grandparent for the day.

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