Monday, May 12, 2008

It's only been 2 days?

The past two days have been very interesting to say the least. Cricket and I have finally started our journey for Florida and have done some crazy things along the way, and taken many, many pictures.

Unfortunately, the internet I am stealing at the moment is a little too slow to upload the pictures. So that will have to wait until a later date. So far this is what we have experience:

Day 1: Sunday consisted of a 12 hour drive to Danielle's house in South Carolina. We made really good time considering we drove through about 3 hours of pouring rain. We took 3 pit stops along the way and went through many cds. Thank you Esther for all of the cds you made us. We have about 3 left to listen to yet. The soundtrack songs are my favorite! We are currently working our way through the Ship cd.

After many hours on the road we finally made it to South of the Border. South of the Border is very hard to explain. But if you ever drive down 95 and hit it - stop and walk will be completely worth your while. Its a town that is covered in neon lights and weird junk. Cricket and I spent a good 15 minutes sitting on all the animals sculptures (if you can call them that). There was an alligator, rhino, hippo, giraffe, gorilla, and zebra, to name a few. And that was just the "Africa Shop."

The best part about South of the Border are the advertisements. Its a Mexican place that has a shop for everthing. Leather, Africa, you name it. The advertisements were mainly focused around some dude named Pedro. But my all time favorite was "You never sauasage a place! You're always a weener at South of the Border" Or how bout "Pedro's Weather Report: Chili Today, Hot Tamale!"

Day 2: After dragging ourselves out of bed, we got dressed and headed into Charleston. We went to the market place to have a look around and planned on going down to the Battery. After parking the car and walking about 20 feet we saw a carriage ride that took you on a tour of Charleston, so we sign up. We walked around the market place for awhile trying to find the pottery guy (who we never found). Then we ate at a place called T-bonz, which had great food. Our carriage ride came next and was really nice. Larry (the horse) decided he needed to take a leak about 5 minutes into the ride. And his "leak" turned out more like Niagara falls. Anyway. After the tour we headed over to Sullivan's Island to see the beach and then it was back to Danielle's house.

We were pretty exhausted and I fell asleep for about 30 minutes, it was great. I really liked Charleston. The town is gorgeous, I don't think I'd mind living here one bit.

Hopefully next time I post I'll have some pictures to show you. We took a ton of pictures already, so I have lots to share. :)

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  1. So glad you're having such a fun trip. Keep having FUN!!!! You can never have too many laughs or create too many good memories in your life.