Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's been awhile

Sorry I haven't been posting. As of right now...things are a little messy. Alright, that's a big lie. Things are really messy right now. I'm in the process of finally moving home. Finally. It took me a couple tries to figure out exactly how I wanted my room, but I've finally done it and it's pretty satisfying.

Don't worry....I'll be posting pictures. At the moment my camera battery is charging in the bathroom. Once it's done I'll post the horrible pictures of the mess that is my room. I'm really happy with the set up though, there is a perfect place for the crate I am soon to buy for my dog. It'll fit perfectly right next to my bed :)

My room is a wreck. But the unpacking will have to wait until Sunday. We are lugging the trailer to school on Friday night to get the rest of our junk and then we'll be lugging it all home. And unfortunately, next we'll be lugging it all up the stairs. Yippee.

I think it's time to see how that battery is doing. Posting just isn't as fun without pictures. And after seeing my room through a lens, I can't believe I'm about to share what it looks like. So brace yourself Mom, what you are about to see will no doubt shock you.

The picture below is the back of my room, the window you see faces the deck. I put my desk there so that I can see the TV easily. TV is often my background noise, but every once in awhile I do like to watch, so I don't want to be straining my neck. Also, you will see the mess that I warned you about - but just wait til the next picture, because it will get worse.


That big double bed will be gone and will be replaced with the bed I had at school. And it'll leave the perfect amount of room for my dog's bed. My dog's bed.

Wow, I know, the mess is incredible. But someday soon it will all be gone and I'll hopefully have some pictures on the wall. See that nice flat screen TV on my dresser? Yeah? Take a good look because it won't be there tomorrow. It's Mom's TV and tomorrow she will find it back in the basement where it belongs. I stole it.


As of right now, nothing has a place to hide, so I'm content to leave it all just hanging out there. Like the towel hanging on the fan.


  1. There are towel racks in the bathroom :-). I don't think your room looks that bad for someone moving back in. Dad said he will hang up the curtian rods this weekend too. Fun, fun!!

  2. My guest room looked like this for about four months! Don't think I can make any negative comments. With a friend of Grandma's coming in a few weeks, I was forced to clean that room. The good thing about a messy room is how good it feels when you're all done cleaning!