Friday, May 2, 2008


I left my camera at home and it's starting to have an effect on me. There are so many things I'd like to show you. For example, I wanted to take a picture of the duck and dog that Cricket and I have floating in water. I wanted to show you how beautiful our front yard looks now that Rod mowed the lawn and planted flowers. I also wanted to show you the collar and leash I got for my puppy (sorry Char, I mean : for my dog).

But all of those things are going to have to wait. Because my beautiful, wonderful camera is at home, sitting on the frig where I left it. Next to the kleenex box and Dad's old radio.

So for now, I'll just tell you what it has been like not having classes for the past 2 days. I've been able to stay up late and get up late. I haven't had to do a single thing because I finished all of my homework days ago. I haven't had to do a single thing since I dont have a final until Tuesday which means I don't have to study until Monday.

These past two days have been wonderful and I can't wait til the summer comes because everyday will be like this day. I won't have to worry about anything except going to work...and taking care of my puppy when I get it in July. Oh, I didn't tell you? Yup, I called the breeder and confirmed that I would like a puppy from her. It's just an incredible feeling to finally be done searching and calling and emailing and searching some more. I'm gettting a dog, I'm really getting a dog.

That's why I got the collar and leash. I bought it the day I called the breeder. After years and years of walking by the pet aisle and not being able to get anything - it was very exciting to walk down that aisle and take something away with me. One more step toward getting my dog.

Now I just need to wait til July. Shoot.

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  1. Ah, puppy supply buying! That is exciting. Be nice to have you home too.