Friday, May 16, 2008

The Beginning

All this talk of dogs has made me really wonder when I first wanted a dog. I'm pretty sure I've always wanted a dog, but why? Why a dog? Why not a cat or a ferret?

I found a picture on my computer that explains it all. When we were little, Mom and Dad took us to Alaska. We went around seeing the sights and doing things Alaskans do. I distinctly remember 5 things about Alaska. Riding on the train and being too little to use the camera, playing on the playground with the snail that was actually a rolled up ladder, pretending to fall asleep so I wouldn't get a spanking, and getting to see the sled dogs.

And that is where our little story will begin - no, no, not with the spanking - with the sled dogs. If you wanna know why I was gonna get a spanking, well, I actually don't remember. Anyway. It had to have been around that time when I first realized that a dog was the right animal for me.

MAYO Saints in AK 4

This photo is a little busy, so lets break it down and look at the individual parts. Lets really examine the evidence. First we'll start with me:

MAYO Saints in AK 4 me

As you can see from the look in my eyes - I must be looking at something amazing. And I was. Oh, by the way, I remember loving that sweatshirt. The white parts felt different than the rest of the shirt. Anyway. Back to what I was looking at:

MAYO Saints in AK 4 puppy

It is obvious that I loved that dog the moment I saw it and who wouldn't? It's no wonder that I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. They are so cuddly and cute. They are these amazing creatures that love you no matter what and give you everything they've got. So when we put it all back together - its pretty obvious that having a dog is something I've thought about for a long time.

MAYO Saints in AK 4 both

Alright, I admit I may be reading too much into it. But that hasn't stopped me before, and it won't stop me now.

Oh, by the way, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice again. Let the romance begin.

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