Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uh Oh

I had a meeting today with a lady about graduation. But I'll get to that in a sec. When you are ready to graduate, you must apply for graduation; which means you go online, click "apply for graduation" and be done with it. Sort of. After you have applied you get an email that says something like "we got your application. you owe us $56 and a visit."

I guess the $56 pays for the cap and gown, and diploma and junk like that. But I mean, c'mon, I spent four years here weaving my way through class, paperwork, meetings, and homework...I don't even get a free diploma? But hey, whatever, as long as I get the diploma!

So I went to my meeting today and she said I was good to go and that all I needed was a grade for the speaking class I'm taking right now.

Then it hit me, I'm ready to graduate. I'm completely on track for graduation. I'm done fees and scheduling. I can walk into Sykes two weeks before graduation, grab my cap and gown, and get out. In a few short months I'll be a college graduate. I've known a few people that decided not to walk for graduation. There have been points when I thought "Why sit in the gym for 3 hours? Maybe I won't walk either." Dumb, dumb idea. I spent four years at this university working my butt off trying to graduate.

There won't be anything stopping me from walking down that isle in December, shaking someone's hand, grabbing the fake diploma, and shouting for joy! I did it, I made it through four years, ok four and a half, but who's counting? It just started to hit me how sweet it really is going to be walking around town in my cap and gown and taking pictures with my family at all my favorite places.

I'm ready to move home, get out of the city, and never have to parallel park again. But I am going to miss West Chester. I'm gonna miss the walks to class, running around campus, and the quad. I'm also going to miss banana day.

Which brings me to my next topic. Every spring there is a "Banana Day." Banana Day entails random people walking around in banana suits, the ram costume, and a gorilla suit. They give away free banana's all day. You can also get a shirt...but you have to earn it. Some of the ways to get the coveted Banana Day shirt would be:

1. Running around the quad screaming "I love Bananas!"
2. Spelling "bananas" backward
3. Running around with a banana in your pants
4. Playing Simon-Says
5. Answering a Banana trivia question

It's a college campus, believe it or not, almost every kid that walked by was willing to do something stupid to get a shirt. Like me for instance. There I was, in the quad, doing the "Peel Banana" cheer I learned in middle school for about 30 people. I knew that someday that cheer would come in handy. Ok, I never once thought that, but now I know it!

My last semester on campus and I finally got the Banana Day T-shirt! Yes! My life is complete.


"WCU loves bananas!"


  1. Great post Gin! I am so stealing the bananas shirt :)

    I'm pretty sure if I liked cheers, the banana one would be my favorite. It might be time to teach Emily and Anne that one :)

  2. And Jealous Cat has once again come to visit.

  3. Ok that's hilarious. I want a banana shirt!

  4. not gonna lie...i'm kinda sad i didn't let you pull me into the frenzied banana day mode, i mean, at least you gave it a shot. stupid class/me not knowing a good banana(na) cheer