Friday, April 25, 2008

So Close...

Mom and I took a trip to Quakertown today to meet some dogs. I was really nervous, I'm not 100 percent sure why, but I was. I think I am more nervous about getting a dog than I am about having a baby. No, I'm not crazy. I have been around kids all my life. I babysit five at a time on a regular basis. But I've never had my own dog, nor trained a dog, so I'm kind of intimidated by it all.

It felt like I was going to a job interview. I wanted to make a good impression and ask the right questions. Everything went fine, Mom asked all the questions I couldn't seem to get out of my throat. I've wanted a dog all my life, and now that I am finally there, I feel speechless. I just can't wait to have a puppy to come home to, someone to sit on my lap when I watch a movie, or play outside with me.

When Esther moved out the house felt weird, but it wasn't as bad because Char was there, then when Char moved out, it sucked. I was the only kid at home with no one to play with. It stunk being the only kid home, not to mention the fact that I missed seeing Est and Char everyday. It's going to be really nice to have someone who can't wait to see me and jump in my lap.

Anyway...enough about that...let's talk about the dogs. They were great and I absolutely love them. The Border Terrier was breed to "go to ground," which means they go down holes in the ground to chase rabbits and other small animals. The most astonishing part of the meet and greet was when Bodil picked the dog up by the tail! She just picked it right up! It didn't yelp, or cry, or bark. They were breed to have thick, touch coats so that, if need be, they could be pulled out of a hole if their fur got stuck or they just didn't want to come out. Thats another reason for there tough skin - so that if they need to be pulled out, they won't be hurt as badly.

I love the size of the dog too. I got to see all different kinds of Borders. Male, female, tan, brown, old, young....they were all there. Of course the 4 month old was the cutest, but I really liked the adults too. The coat is pretty coarse, but it's meant to be tough. The coat isn't my favorite, but you can't have everything. We haven't committed 100% yet because I still need to do research on the price, its not cheap. Once I get that squared away then we are good to go.

Another positive point about Border Terriers is that they aren't a barking breed. As my family would say - they aren't "yip yip" dogs. They will bark to let you know someone is coming, but they don't constantly bark. Even when we were talking and they wanted our attention badly, they never barked. When Mom and I pulled up, I didn't even know where they were because it was so quiet, and there are currently 7 Borders at the house.

Sorry Auntie Karen, no pictures. I thought about taking my camera, but then I felt that she would think I was weird if I started snapping pictures. I could have explained that it was for my blog and my readers would want to see the mom and dad of my future puppy...but I don't think she would have understood. So for now, you'll just have to be patient. In July you are going to see lots and lots of dog pictures. So many pictures, that you'll probably be begging for me to stop, but I won't.

Waiting is going to be really hard now that I know I'm actually going to get a dog. And I am not a very patient person.


  1. So were in my hometown. Were you going to tell me??? j/k.

  2. I think you found your breed and they sound like great dogs. I like the barking part...that's kinda a big deal right there. I understand about pictures. But when you have your dog, put 'em out there!!! Can't have too many dog pictures for me!

  3. movie trivia..."Patience, Iago. Patience."