Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's not my fault...right?

I've lived in West Chester for almost four years now. I can't even tell you how many times I have moved my junk back and forth. Actually, It would be pretty depressing to know how many times I've had to move. I got my desktop computer halfway through my sophomore year. It's been great. It has always traveled with me back and forth. I've become quite attached to it.

Whenever I move my computer I am always very careful with it. I know that when I move that ginormous thing that it has my homework, all my projects, photoshop, and most importantly, all my pictures! So I do my best to safeguard it on the journeys we've taken together. I surround it with pillows and cover it with a blanket, just in case.

This may sound extreme, but so is my attachement to my lovely dell. So extreme, that I've just decided to name my computer. People name everything they love, so why not name my computer? I've been inspired. From here on out, my computer will be known as Adelle. It seems to fit. The name just screams "trustworthy." Anyway...back to business.

Now that I've sufficiently showed you how crazy I am about Adelle, you'll understand the utter shock I felt to see a dent on my very favorite computer!


A dent?? Where was the pillow on that trip? I know its just the logo, but I feel as though I have betrayed my best friend. It works so hard to make my life entertaining and I dented it.

But I'm a middle child and that means I don't take the blame for anything (just ask my mom). So I'm gonna go with "I really have no idea how this happened" and hope no one is the wiser.


  1. I'm so sorry about Adelle. She has served you well.

    So you're going to this blog full-time then? Bye, bye Xanga?

  2. Sophia and I have decided that you are an excellent blogger.
    Thank you for always providing us with good laughs, and truth. Yes, we love it for sure.

  3. Adelle? seriously? just when i thought you couldn't get weirder...you prove me wrong again and again. p.s. there will be no jokes about animal names to follow, don't even think about it.