Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's finally here

Spring, oh how I love it. It seems so long since I have last seen it's face. A little romantic, yes, but true nonetheless. I love spring. I love the flowers and the weather. But most of all, I love the way it smells. The cool, crisp evening air is my favorite. It reminds me of summer and memories come flowing back.

Spring is the first time that smell comes around again. Everytime I smell it I remember driving to Honey Brook to see the girls, or sitting on the back porch as the sun goes down. The air just feels so clean. The smell makes me look forward to the last day of school, when I'll be able to spend a stress-free summer with my family and friends.

Until I am able to move home, I'll enjoy a room with a view. My room to be exact. There is a lovely tree right outside my window that has just started blooming. Its so refreshing to see the leaves and the flowers blowing in the wind.


As you can see, I said I love spring and I meant it. It's my favorite time of year, hands down.

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