Monday, April 21, 2008

Graham Colton

When selecting music for the road trip I went through basically every song I have on my computer. And according to iTunes, that is 3, 895 songs, which equals 10.6 days of listening. Since Cricket and I don't quite need 10.6 days of melodies....I chopped it down to a mere 198 songs. That is not including all of Dashboard Confessional and anyone else that is already on a cd.

When I was going through it all, I wanted to pick songs that were perfect for driving. And for me that basically means that I have to want to blast it while driving with the windows down. If it didn't require blasting the didn't make the cut.

My other criteria for selecting music was that it should be about driving and friends. It should inspire. You can't just put any old song on a mix. It has to mean something. Ok, I know...a little dramatic...but it's true. When I look back at this road trip 10 years from now, I may not remember every song we listened to. But I'll remember the songs that we danced to, the songs that made us laugh, and the ones we just had to blast. Memories come with music in the background.

As I weaved my way through all my music I got to one song that just completely screams road trip soundtrack. I got this song from Esther and it's awesome. Its called "Best Days" by Graham Colton. It's just the perfect song for a road trip. When I listen to it, I can just picture us in the car, windows down, sunglasses on, just coasting along.

"So don't wait for someone to tell you its too late
'Cause these are the best days
There's always something tomorrow
So i say lets make the best of tonight

Here comes the rest of our lives"

I also made a cd for the beginning. The one we'll leave the driveway listening to. The cd has a good variety of songs and some surprises. Cricket, if there were one song for this trip that I would recommend would be this song.

Check him out. Graham Colton a great artist with a fresh sound.


So now what do I do? I used this post to stall so I wouldn't have to do homework, and I have nothing left to stall with. Shoot. Homework here I come.

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  1. That song was totally going to be on the cd I am making you :) Best song ever!