Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cleaning, so overrated.

I'm definitely my mother's daughter. I like everything to have its place. I even organize my sock drawer, which Esther mocked me for, but that doesn't change a thing. Though I like everything to have its place, that doesn't mean it always gets there. Exhibit A: My very dirty room.


I know, I know, could I have any more clothes? And could they take over any more of my room? Well, yes as a matter of fact they could. I'd like to point out that the clothes in the laundry basket are clean and folded, but haven't quite made it to the drawers. Hence, the pile of laundry next to the laundry basket.


Oh, and don't forget here...


So when I got back from hockey today I picked out a movie, and cleaned my room. Which basically consisted of me putting piles of clothing away. You can even see my bed now!


Wow. Who would have known? There is actually wood flooring in this room.


Sweet. And because I have so much room now, I could even have a friend over to visit.


This itty bitty room is one of the main reasons that I am looking forward to moving home. I can't wait to have space to breath again.

I also got to rekindle a friendship tonight with a couple old friends. Their names are Belle and Beast. We had a great time together. If you didn't pick up on it, I wanted Beauty and the Beast while I cleaned my room. Great movie.

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  1. I'm totally impressed, Ginner! Yes, you are your mother's daughter. She is a great organizer and great at finding a place for everything. You have the organizing gene so sought after! Your before and after pictures are great!!!! I should do that when I finally get in my guest room and get it cleaned up.