Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 - 1981 = ?

Alright, so it took me a little bit of math to remember how old you are Est. Not because you're old, but because I'm bad at math :) So that said - Happy 27th Birthday Est!

MAYO #011

Let me just give you a little insight into Esther's personality. Esther is a do-er, if thats even a word. If not, it is now. Anyway. When Esther decides she's going to do something, she does it.

MAYO #013

Like the time she decided she would call a business pretending to be me and get me an application. She did it. We sound exactly alike, so why not? The business even called "me" back.

MAYO #090

And how about the time when Esther wasn't sure what she wanted to be when she grew up. She decided to try rapping for a living. And she did it.

MAYO #086

Then there was that time when Esther was fed up with the state of our kitchen. So she did something about it.

MAYO #084

When Esther decided that it was time to start driving. She got out there and did it. No dilly-dallying for this girl. Why wait til your 16 to drive? If she wanted to drive she was going to do it.

MAYO Saint 8-86

Esther has always been a good dresser. But there was a time in her life when she wanted to make a statement. And she did it.

MAYO Saints  in PA1984 #3

But all jokes aside, Esther is a wonderful sister. When we were younger we were so far apart in age that it was hard to be close. Now that the age gap has lessened, we've grown close and it's been amazing to spend more time together and really talk.


She is my favorite older sister and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Thanks Gin :) Wow...I didn't know so many embarrassing photos of me existed! I think I might need to get a hold of those originals.

    But seriously, thanks :)

  2. This is just great, Ginner. What a neat birthday gift to Esther. She is also my favorite of all your older sisters. This just makes me miss you guys!

  3. This is my favorite post. Happy Birthday Esther!