Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 - 1981 = ?

Alright, so it took me a little bit of math to remember how old you are Est. Not because you're old, but because I'm bad at math :) So that said - Happy 27th Birthday Est!

MAYO #011

Let me just give you a little insight into Esther's personality. Esther is a do-er, if thats even a word. If not, it is now. Anyway. When Esther decides she's going to do something, she does it.

MAYO #013

Like the time she decided she would call a business pretending to be me and get me an application. She did it. We sound exactly alike, so why not? The business even called "me" back.

MAYO #090

And how about the time when Esther wasn't sure what she wanted to be when she grew up. She decided to try rapping for a living. And she did it.

MAYO #086

Then there was that time when Esther was fed up with the state of our kitchen. So she did something about it.

MAYO #084

When Esther decided that it was time to start driving. She got out there and did it. No dilly-dallying for this girl. Why wait til your 16 to drive? If she wanted to drive she was going to do it.

MAYO Saint 8-86

Esther has always been a good dresser. But there was a time in her life when she wanted to make a statement. And she did it.

MAYO Saints  in PA1984 #3

But all jokes aside, Esther is a wonderful sister. When we were younger we were so far apart in age that it was hard to be close. Now that the age gap has lessened, we've grown close and it's been amazing to spend more time together and really talk.


She is my favorite older sister and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

The lawn has become over grown. And I don't me just slightly over grown - it's drastic. It needs to be cut badly. But we have nothing to cut it with, except scissors - and that ain't happening. To tell you the truth, I somewhat enjoy the length of our grass. It looks so cool and refreshing and makes me just wanna walk around in bare feet.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the grass is about a food tall. Excuse the poor quality of the picture. I had to take it with my phone because I left my camer at home. Boo.


Today was my last aquatics class. There really isn't any sense of accomplishment yet because now she has decided that we are going to be getting in the pool for our final. Great. Can't wait. Anyway. We did our 20 laps today, and I must admit - it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It wasn't great either. I think I finished it in about 16/17 minutes. I was the first girl to finish, which may not be that impressive considering there are only 7 girls in my class. But it felt really good and it was a good workout.

I asked Doc A if she timed it because, well, I'm an athlete and would like to know how I did. Her reply was "No, I didn't. The idea was to survive it, not time it." haha. Kind of gives you a little insight into our class - she was just worried about us finishing not how fast we did it. Still would have been nice to know. But I'm just glad that's over with. The next thing we'll be doing is retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool. I'm pretty excited actually.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Two more days

It seems like only yesterday that I first started this semester...not. It feels like its been forever since this semester started and I can't wait for it to end. It's been one of the most stressful semesters of my career at West Chester and I'm ready to be done. Very, very done. Tonight is my last practicum class and once tonight is done, I am done with practicum for good. We don't have a final, so all I need to do is sit through this last evening and the pain will all be over.

As much as I loved going to Honey Brook and working with Mrs. Heller, I'm ready to be done. Only because of all the paperwork. They ask us to do so many things, it just felt like I didn't have time to do it all in four hours I was there. It also felt like a huge inconvenience for Mrs. Heller as well. These teachers don't get anything for letting us tag along with them, and the school asks them to do so much on top of what they already do. I am so thankful that Mrs. Heller went through all the paperwork to let me teach with her.

Another wonderful thing about today is the rain. I have been waiting for this rain. Not only is rain refreshing and feeding the earth...but more importantly - my car needed a bath desperately. I parked my car under a large tree on our street and when I went out to it the next day it was covered in green pollen. For a second I wasn't sure if it was my car because it was so green!

It's been nice to walk out to Steve and see that he is no longer covered in pollen. Oh you didn't know that I named my car? Well yes I did. I name many things. Tommy helped me name my car though, because he likes to call it Lightning McQueen because the inside lights are red.

Alright...I'm off. Only 2 more days, and after tonight, only 2 more classes.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's finally here

Spring, oh how I love it. It seems so long since I have last seen it's face. A little romantic, yes, but true nonetheless. I love spring. I love the flowers and the weather. But most of all, I love the way it smells. The cool, crisp evening air is my favorite. It reminds me of summer and memories come flowing back.

Spring is the first time that smell comes around again. Everytime I smell it I remember driving to Honey Brook to see the girls, or sitting on the back porch as the sun goes down. The air just feels so clean. The smell makes me look forward to the last day of school, when I'll be able to spend a stress-free summer with my family and friends.

Until I am able to move home, I'll enjoy a room with a view. My room to be exact. There is a lovely tree right outside my window that has just started blooming. Its so refreshing to see the leaves and the flowers blowing in the wind.


As you can see, I said I love spring and I meant it. It's my favorite time of year, hands down.

Friday, April 25, 2008

So Close...

Mom and I took a trip to Quakertown today to meet some dogs. I was really nervous, I'm not 100 percent sure why, but I was. I think I am more nervous about getting a dog than I am about having a baby. No, I'm not crazy. I have been around kids all my life. I babysit five at a time on a regular basis. But I've never had my own dog, nor trained a dog, so I'm kind of intimidated by it all.

It felt like I was going to a job interview. I wanted to make a good impression and ask the right questions. Everything went fine, Mom asked all the questions I couldn't seem to get out of my throat. I've wanted a dog all my life, and now that I am finally there, I feel speechless. I just can't wait to have a puppy to come home to, someone to sit on my lap when I watch a movie, or play outside with me.

When Esther moved out the house felt weird, but it wasn't as bad because Char was there, then when Char moved out, it sucked. I was the only kid at home with no one to play with. It stunk being the only kid home, not to mention the fact that I missed seeing Est and Char everyday. It's going to be really nice to have someone who can't wait to see me and jump in my lap.

Anyway...enough about that...let's talk about the dogs. They were great and I absolutely love them. The Border Terrier was breed to "go to ground," which means they go down holes in the ground to chase rabbits and other small animals. The most astonishing part of the meet and greet was when Bodil picked the dog up by the tail! She just picked it right up! It didn't yelp, or cry, or bark. They were breed to have thick, touch coats so that, if need be, they could be pulled out of a hole if their fur got stuck or they just didn't want to come out. Thats another reason for there tough skin - so that if they need to be pulled out, they won't be hurt as badly.

I love the size of the dog too. I got to see all different kinds of Borders. Male, female, tan, brown, old, young....they were all there. Of course the 4 month old was the cutest, but I really liked the adults too. The coat is pretty coarse, but it's meant to be tough. The coat isn't my favorite, but you can't have everything. We haven't committed 100% yet because I still need to do research on the price, its not cheap. Once I get that squared away then we are good to go.

Another positive point about Border Terriers is that they aren't a barking breed. As my family would say - they aren't "yip yip" dogs. They will bark to let you know someone is coming, but they don't constantly bark. Even when we were talking and they wanted our attention badly, they never barked. When Mom and I pulled up, I didn't even know where they were because it was so quiet, and there are currently 7 Borders at the house.

Sorry Auntie Karen, no pictures. I thought about taking my camera, but then I felt that she would think I was weird if I started snapping pictures. I could have explained that it was for my blog and my readers would want to see the mom and dad of my future puppy...but I don't think she would have understood. So for now, you'll just have to be patient. In July you are going to see lots and lots of dog pictures. So many pictures, that you'll probably be begging for me to stop, but I won't.

Waiting is going to be really hard now that I know I'm actually going to get a dog. And I am not a very patient person.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uh Oh

I had a meeting today with a lady about graduation. But I'll get to that in a sec. When you are ready to graduate, you must apply for graduation; which means you go online, click "apply for graduation" and be done with it. Sort of. After you have applied you get an email that says something like "we got your application. you owe us $56 and a visit."

I guess the $56 pays for the cap and gown, and diploma and junk like that. But I mean, c'mon, I spent four years here weaving my way through class, paperwork, meetings, and homework...I don't even get a free diploma? But hey, whatever, as long as I get the diploma!

So I went to my meeting today and she said I was good to go and that all I needed was a grade for the speaking class I'm taking right now.

Then it hit me, I'm ready to graduate. I'm completely on track for graduation. I'm done fees and scheduling. I can walk into Sykes two weeks before graduation, grab my cap and gown, and get out. In a few short months I'll be a college graduate. I've known a few people that decided not to walk for graduation. There have been points when I thought "Why sit in the gym for 3 hours? Maybe I won't walk either." Dumb, dumb idea. I spent four years at this university working my butt off trying to graduate.

There won't be anything stopping me from walking down that isle in December, shaking someone's hand, grabbing the fake diploma, and shouting for joy! I did it, I made it through four years, ok four and a half, but who's counting? It just started to hit me how sweet it really is going to be walking around town in my cap and gown and taking pictures with my family at all my favorite places.

I'm ready to move home, get out of the city, and never have to parallel park again. But I am going to miss West Chester. I'm gonna miss the walks to class, running around campus, and the quad. I'm also going to miss banana day.

Which brings me to my next topic. Every spring there is a "Banana Day." Banana Day entails random people walking around in banana suits, the ram costume, and a gorilla suit. They give away free banana's all day. You can also get a shirt...but you have to earn it. Some of the ways to get the coveted Banana Day shirt would be:

1. Running around the quad screaming "I love Bananas!"
2. Spelling "bananas" backward
3. Running around with a banana in your pants
4. Playing Simon-Says
5. Answering a Banana trivia question

It's a college campus, believe it or not, almost every kid that walked by was willing to do something stupid to get a shirt. Like me for instance. There I was, in the quad, doing the "Peel Banana" cheer I learned in middle school for about 30 people. I knew that someday that cheer would come in handy. Ok, I never once thought that, but now I know it!

My last semester on campus and I finally got the Banana Day T-shirt! Yes! My life is complete.


"WCU loves bananas!"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Graham Colton

When selecting music for the road trip I went through basically every song I have on my computer. And according to iTunes, that is 3, 895 songs, which equals 10.6 days of listening. Since Cricket and I don't quite need 10.6 days of melodies....I chopped it down to a mere 198 songs. That is not including all of Dashboard Confessional and anyone else that is already on a cd.

When I was going through it all, I wanted to pick songs that were perfect for driving. And for me that basically means that I have to want to blast it while driving with the windows down. If it didn't require blasting the didn't make the cut.

My other criteria for selecting music was that it should be about driving and friends. It should inspire. You can't just put any old song on a mix. It has to mean something. Ok, I know...a little dramatic...but it's true. When I look back at this road trip 10 years from now, I may not remember every song we listened to. But I'll remember the songs that we danced to, the songs that made us laugh, and the ones we just had to blast. Memories come with music in the background.

As I weaved my way through all my music I got to one song that just completely screams road trip soundtrack. I got this song from Esther and it's awesome. Its called "Best Days" by Graham Colton. It's just the perfect song for a road trip. When I listen to it, I can just picture us in the car, windows down, sunglasses on, just coasting along.

"So don't wait for someone to tell you its too late
'Cause these are the best days
There's always something tomorrow
So i say lets make the best of tonight

Here comes the rest of our lives"

I also made a cd for the beginning. The one we'll leave the driveway listening to. The cd has a good variety of songs and some surprises. Cricket, if there were one song for this trip that I would recommend would be this song.

Check him out. Graham Colton a great artist with a fresh sound.


So now what do I do? I used this post to stall so I wouldn't have to do homework, and I have nothing left to stall with. Shoot. Homework here I come.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mucho Fun

I received a box of goodies from Oaks and it was awesome. I wanna give a big thank you to everyone that put that box together! It's always nice getting something in the mail.

I must admit, out of everything that was in the box, this was my favorite:


I'm sure that's not very hard to believe. It has been very fun having water fights in the mean...outside the house. Yeah, outside, our water fights always/definitely take place outside. Yeah, outside.

Anyway...Thanks for the water gun!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank You

Today, Friday, is my day off. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. No class today. None. Not one little bit of class today and no work either.

To celebrate my day off, I've finally decided to take mom up on her offer of a massage. No, Mom is not giving me a massage, but she is paying for someone else to give me one. But not just any massage...I picked the Rose Pedal Massage. No, I have no idea what that means, but it sounded nice. Apparently, it will transport me into "an enchanted world of roses." OK, whatever.

Just so long as it feels good.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll take an extra super knee please!

It's been a long day. Actually, it's been one of the most rewarding days in a long time. I'm not exactly sure why though. Maybe it's because I didn't stop moving from 9am until 11pm. Maybe it's because I planned/taught my first day of Field Hockey Club at Honey Brook. Maybe it's because on top of it all, I worked for 5 hours.

Nah, that's definitely not it.

The most rewarding this about today was the result. I always learn a lot when I'm with Mrs. Heller, always. I learn something new every day and class. I get to try and fail, and try again. We were outside all afternoon enjoying the weather. After teaching all afternoon, I got to teach my favorite thing...field hockey. I had my first day of club and it went well. It was a little chaotic and it went really fast, but it was a lot of fun.

I told you the best part of my day was the result, right? Wanna know what that result is? A good burn. My first good burn of the summer. What makes this burn feel so good? The fact that I got this burn while teaching. The fact that I got this burn doing what I love. It's gonna look great when I show up to aquatics with a farmer tan and collared-shirt-tan-lines, but I'll be proud. I'll hold my red face high.

Today I was in the sun from noon to 4:30 and it was amazing. The kids were great and we only had one bee sting.

I'm completely/absolutely/incredibly exhausted and my legs hurt like nothing else. And I've never felt so good. It's a great feeling when fatigue and a good burn is the result of a long, hard day. Can't wait to do it again next week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life in Black and White

Basically what I've been doing for the past weeks is browsing through pictures I have on my computer and picking the ones I think I can improve. Then I head over to photoshop and get crackin. Lately I've been trying some black and white. It's harder than I thought it was going to be. Way harder actually.

I must admit, the pictures that I pick are mainly of the kiddies. But seriously, if I'm going to have to stare at the picture for hours, might as well pick a cute face. I was working with a picture of Leia today and realized something. She has grown a lot. For such a skinny, little thing that comment isn't all true I guess. But her face has changed a lot.

This is a picture of Leia from almost a year ago, it was when we had Esther and Charlotte's joing birthday party in April. She had darker hair and a cute, little, pudgy face.

leia jamies copy

Not so much anymore, I mean she is still really cute, but there is no more dark hair and no more pudgy Leia. She's gotten taller and skinnier. Here she is doing what she does best: playing with her hair and sucking on her fingers. This was from the first day of school this year. So not too long after the original picture. It's crazy how much she has grown.

first day of school07f copy

While I was on my black and white kick I decided to attack a family photo. It's really hard to get the right balance while trying to make it look soft and clean. It's really hard.

February 25 2007 149 copy copy

As far as the rest of my day goes? yeah, nothing. Nothing happened today, except...I went dog I looked up breeders and emailed several kennels and the head of the Border Terrier Breed Referral from the AKC. So hopefully that will all start moving. I even emailed a breeder. So I figured if they don't email me back in a few days I'll start making some phone calls and lay down the law. I'm on a mission people.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I hate ladybugs. They are everywhere! In my bed, on the floor, on my clothes, on my pillows, on the light, and on the air conditioner. I think the ladybug head honcho had a meeting with all the ladybugs in the world and decided that they were too spread out. They needed a more centralized location. Somewhere that would give them access to all sorts of goodies and keep them together. I wish I could have been a ladybug at that probably went something like this:

Ladybug Head Honcho: "We Ladybugs need to stick together. We need to make our presence known in this world!"
Every Other Ladybug in the World: "YEAH!"
Ladybug Head Honcho: "We need to pick a place where we can really annoy the crap outta some people so they know who we are!"
Every Other Ladybug in the World: "YEAH!"
Obnoxious Ladybug: "I know a great place in eastern PA. They have this daughter that really hates us. Why not move there?"
Every Other Ladybug in the World:"YEAH!"
Ladybug Head Honcho: "That sounds like a great idea. We can split up all the jobs to make sure we have a ladybug in every location in the house. Let's fly!"

I mean seriously, I'm not even overreacting. They are everywhere. I have gotten in the habit now of checking my entire bed before I go to sleep. I check the sheets, the blankets, and even under the pillows. As I write this, I swear one is crawling on me somewhere. They are in every crevice of our house, and I have proof.

This is the door jam of the bathroom. As you can see, there is a Ladybug squished in the door.


Of course, I was so busy documenting this monstosity that I forgot to get rid of the Ladybug. Oops. But that's beside the point. The real point is that we have an infestation of Ladybugs. It needs to end, and it needs to end now.

In other news, I went to target today to buy Jess a birthday present. Everytime I got to a store that has a pet section, I have to walk by it angrily knowing that I don't need anything from that section. But today is a new day, and today I stayed in that section for a good 10 minutes perusing the merchandise. I picked out a matching collar and leash, dish bowls, and a nice, cushy bed. But don't worry, I didn't buy anything. It's a little too soon for that. I was just glad I got to enjoy the perusing. It was a first time for me, and I can't wait to do it again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dreams can come true!

I just wanna shout it from the roof tops...

I'm getting a dog!

No really, I am! It's real. Come this summer I will be a dog owner. How crazy is that? It's finally happening. I am ecstatic. I can't wait. The only question is...what do I do now? :)


Now that I've gotten over the shock of it all, I just can't stop smiling. I feel like I'm gonna get married or something because I just want to call everyone I know! I went to work tonight and told every person I encountered and all I did was look up books on trainging.

So let me answer the questions that I'm sure will follow this post:

1. What kind of dog? A border terrier


2. When are you getting it? The end of May

3. Are you kidding? No

4. Where are you keeping it? In my room

any more questions? let me know.

A Front Porch

It's currently 62 degrees outside, according to my car, and its absolutely beautiful. It's one of those days where you just wanna spend the whole day outside. It's one of those days that makes you want to go for a run just to enjoy the weather. It's one of those day....oh who am I kidding?

I stayed up really late last night starting/finishing a paper and folding laundry (bleck). So I'll be spending the next few hours of this gorgeous day in bed catching up on missed sleep.

As much as I want to be outside enjoying the weather, and as much as I want to go for a long run and enjoy the trees, I'll be sleeping. I'll be enjoying the sounds of the birds and the cool air of my fan.

Don't be like me! Go outside! This is one of those days when I really, really miss the front porch at 121 E. Neilds.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes, when I listen to a song that I've heard a thousand times it starts to lose the romance. Yesterday I had the opposite happen. I was listening to a song I had heard a thousand times and the romance hit me right in the face.

While I was driving to Honey Brook, I was listening to a mix of Casting Crowns' songs I had made. As I made my way through the mix I got to number 12: While You Were Sleeping. The words just really hit me. They talk about Bethlehem and Jerusalem and how they will be forever known as being towns that rejected the King and made no room for him.

"Oh Bethlehem, what you have missed while you were sleeping
For God became a man and stepped into your world today
Oh Bethlehem, you will go down in history
As a city with no room for its King"

"Jerusalem, what you have missed while you were sleeping
The Savior of the world is dying on your cross today
Jerusalem, you will go down in history
As a city with no room for its King"

Then the focus moves to America. And I guess with everything going on today with the war and the presidential election, the importance of the words just hit me. It just really helped me to focus on what this world is all about. It's just a holding ground for a better world. We shouldn't be so attached that we forget where we will go someday. I'm not gonna be here forever, someday I'll be in Heaven forever. The real meaning of eternity will be known there. I'll get to sing to God everyday and see his face. And I'll get to see Zack. That's what I have to look forward to.

One particular line of this song really made me stop and think about what I am doing in this world.

"United States of America
Looks like another silent night
As we're sung to sleep by philosophies
That save the trees and kill the children
And while we're lying in the dark
There's a shout heard 'cross the eastern sky
For the Bridegroom has returned
And has carried His bride away in the night, in the night

America, what will we miss while we are sleeping?
Will Jesus come again and leave us slumbering where we lay ?
America, will we go down in history
As a nation with no room for its King
Will we be sleeping?"

Just think about it. It's something that really hit me. If you can get the song I would definitely recommend it. It's one of those songs that helps to keep you focused and not get caught up in the world. To remember Who we are here for and Who put us here. We are here to glorify Him and nothing else.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Special Exhibit

On our last tour we looked at how our subject worked to clean the room. This time through I would like to focus your attention on the shoes. The inhabitant of this room has a great amount of them and she apparently likes to leave them all over the place. On our tour today we will look at a great variety of shoes and their function in the life of the wearer. Please hold all questions until the end.

As on any regular tour, we will start at the beginning. As we enter the room you will see to the right a pair of very cute peep-toe heels (Number 1). These shoes are a favorite of the dweller, though they are slightly uncomfortable.

The next pair of shoes you will see to the left (Number 2) are the mocs. These shoes were worn to speech class today so that, even though the class is incredibly boring, the wearer would still have some measure of comfort.

In the upper right hand corner you will see the most popular shoe on our tour (Number 3). This pair is worn everyday, so there is no point in putting them in the closet.

IMG_1589 copy

In our next section of the tour we will be looking at the most densily populated area of the room, at least as far as shoes go.

Take a look at the slippers (Number 4). These slippers were a Christmas gift in 2004 and have been traveling with the owner ever since. She is actually wearing them right now.

I'd like to draw your attention to the running shoes (Number 5). These shoes are used for all sorts of activities, except running. But that will soon change.

Our last pair will remain a visual mystery, though I promise you they are there. The last pair are turf shoes (Number 6). These were used last during an intramural hockey game, and were put right back into the bag. We are not going to attempt to open the bag because we are unsure of the smell that will be released.

IMG_1585 copy

This concludes our tour of the "Busy College Student's Room". If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can visit our gift shop on the way out where you can find everything from pens to broken calculators.

Alright, I know, a little dramatic. But I realized tonight that I have shoes all over the place! I do the same thing at home, but here it's so much more obvious. At home there's a pair in the basement, the kitchen, the living room, and the hallway upstairs. But at least having such a small room helps me to find them easier instead of always having to ask Mom.

Also, Dad comes home this weekend!


I had no idea what to post about. I was just sitting here, talking to Mel, and staring at the screen wondering what to post. I wanted to post, but was totally stumped. Then it hit me! Why not post about what I'm staring at? No, no, I'm not talking about the screen, silly. I'm talking about my background. As you are well aware, photoshop and I have become great friends. I learn something new every time I use it. The hardest part for me is picking what picture I want to mess with. This time around T-bone was the lucky winner.

This is a picture taken at Dad and Mom's 50th birthday bash. Isn't he just a cutie?

t bone

Now I'd like to introduce you to the version I messed with. This is the picture currently on my desktop. Can you really blame me for just staring at the screen?

t bone copy

It's better to see it a lot bigger, so here is the link to the picture.

Today is Tuesday, which means Aquatics and Speech class. Which means my day will be packed with lots of boring, awful activities. Last class we did 40 laps. If you say it again it helps to believe it...40 laps! It was completely exhausting. I would say in an average class we did about 10, but Thursday was special. It was a work out day. After my swim, I'll come back to my room and write that paper I have been putting off. After I write the paper, I'll go turn it in.

I know, I know, procrastinating is a bad habit. But seriously, what is the point of doing a paper early? If you give me an amazing reason for doing it ahead of time, then I promise you that next time I have to write a paper I will devote at least 2 minutes to thinking about doing it early.

Until then, get used to it world! I am a procrastinator!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mom got me a puppy!

Well, it's sort of true. She got me a puppy alright, but its not real/alive/breathing/barking. It's actually quite tiny. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. So tiny, in fact, that I had to use the Digital Macro setting on my camera to get a shot that was in focus. Yes, it's that tiny.


If you look closely you can see that the dog is cross-eyed. Seems appropriate for some reason. Along with my puppy, Mom got Cricket a duck. Quack.


Aww, they're friends. And they are going to get a lot closer as the days pass, because they will be getting bigger and bigger. Once you place that puppy in water it starts to get larger. And that's exactly what Cricket and I have done. So for now, they have a place on the counter to grow, and grow, and grow.


I'll let you know how it goes. Today is Day 1 for my little puppy and Day 2 for Cricket's duck. That's why her's is bigger than mine. Thanks for the entertainment Mom! Doesn't take much for me and Crick. While I wait for my puppy to grow, and grow, and grow...I think I'll play with Photoshop.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cleaning, so overrated.

I'm definitely my mother's daughter. I like everything to have its place. I even organize my sock drawer, which Esther mocked me for, but that doesn't change a thing. Though I like everything to have its place, that doesn't mean it always gets there. Exhibit A: My very dirty room.


I know, I know, could I have any more clothes? And could they take over any more of my room? Well, yes as a matter of fact they could. I'd like to point out that the clothes in the laundry basket are clean and folded, but haven't quite made it to the drawers. Hence, the pile of laundry next to the laundry basket.


Oh, and don't forget here...


So when I got back from hockey today I picked out a movie, and cleaned my room. Which basically consisted of me putting piles of clothing away. You can even see my bed now!


Wow. Who would have known? There is actually wood flooring in this room.


Sweet. And because I have so much room now, I could even have a friend over to visit.


This itty bitty room is one of the main reasons that I am looking forward to moving home. I can't wait to have space to breath again.

I also got to rekindle a friendship tonight with a couple old friends. Their names are Belle and Beast. We had a great time together. If you didn't pick up on it, I wanted Beauty and the Beast while I cleaned my room. Great movie.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ode to a Four Year Old

From previous posts I'm sure many of you know there are 5 kids in my life that I cannot live without. Over the years I have had the great opportunity to laugh and learn with the kiddies. They have made me smile every time I see them. I must admit that I have become particularly attached to one of the little guys. You know, the one with the dimples. Now I'm not saying I have favorites, but I am saying that this kid makes my heart melt. When he flashes that big grin my way, well, my insides just crumble.

So this is my Ode to a Four Year Old. Since I am not at all good at poem writing, and since the definition of ode is "a poem intended to be sung," I am going to cheat. I know, I know, cheating is wrong. Blah, blah, blah. Hence forth you will be seeing lyrics that represent my feelings about my dimpled buddy. These lyrics were generously donated by the courtesy of other, more creative writers.

I am moody, messy
I get restless, and it's senseless
How you never seem to care


I found a boy who had a dream
Making everyone smile
He was sunshine
I fell over my feet

Picture 071 copy

I don't care about expensive things
Cashmere coats, or diamond rings
Don't mean a thing
All I care about is love

IMG_3542 copy

And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute
Ah, When you smile at me you know exactly what you do
Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true
Cause you can see it when I look at you

m136280320[1] copy

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter
or happy ever after

February 25 2007 025 copy

tonight ill dream, in my bed
while silly thoughts, run through my head
of the bugs, and alphabet
and when i wake tomorrow ill bet
you and I will walk together again
cause i can tell that we are gonna be friends
yes i can tell that we are gonna be friends

It's not my fault...right?

I've lived in West Chester for almost four years now. I can't even tell you how many times I have moved my junk back and forth. Actually, It would be pretty depressing to know how many times I've had to move. I got my desktop computer halfway through my sophomore year. It's been great. It has always traveled with me back and forth. I've become quite attached to it.

Whenever I move my computer I am always very careful with it. I know that when I move that ginormous thing that it has my homework, all my projects, photoshop, and most importantly, all my pictures! So I do my best to safeguard it on the journeys we've taken together. I surround it with pillows and cover it with a blanket, just in case.

This may sound extreme, but so is my attachement to my lovely dell. So extreme, that I've just decided to name my computer. People name everything they love, so why not name my computer? I've been inspired. From here on out, my computer will be known as Adelle. It seems to fit. The name just screams "trustworthy." Anyway...back to business.

Now that I've sufficiently showed you how crazy I am about Adelle, you'll understand the utter shock I felt to see a dent on my very favorite computer!


A dent?? Where was the pillow on that trip? I know its just the logo, but I feel as though I have betrayed my best friend. It works so hard to make my life entertaining and I dented it.

But I'm a middle child and that means I don't take the blame for anything (just ask my mom). So I'm gonna go with "I really have no idea how this happened" and hope no one is the wiser.