Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shark and an Eagle

I'd like to introduce you all to my new team. We are the Sheagles. Not Sheagle is in "girl eagle" but Sheagle as in "Shark and Eagle." We are strange people I know, but it made us laugh so we went with it. We took a cue from Napoleon Dynamite and how his favorite animal is a Liger (tiger and lion). Unlike Napoleon's favorite animal, ours does not really exist. But again, it made us laugh so we went with it.

This is a picture of our team shirt. Miz designed it. She is a graphic art major and her senior show is coming up. Somehow I'm guessing this won't be apart of that show.

Tonight marked opening night of the West Chester Intramural Field Hockey League, courtesy of Jessica Nellis (soon to be Jessica Northen). It was great. We had two games and won both. It wasn't about the winning though, honest. It was just great to get back out on the field and really get to play. I discovered one very important thing about myself tonight: I am out of shape, really out of shape. But I think this is going to motivate me to start working out again. At least that's what I'm hoping it will do.

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