Thursday, December 25, 2008

I got a video camera for Christmas last night. It's awesome. It's smaller and lighter than a digital camera. Instead of taking a video on a tape or DVD - it takes digital videos. It has a really nice picture too. So this is the test run - to see how long it takes to get the video from my computer to my blog.

The video below is Charlie playing with the toy Cricket got her. I put all her toys in a box and buried a bone on the bottom so she had to dig for it. After she scarfed down the bone she came back and searched some more - then picked out a toy.

Of all the toys in the box this was the one she picked. I was trying to keep my feet out of the video, but unfortunately it was not working.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I graduated on Sunday. I am a college graduate. It's crazy and awesome and scary and weird. It's been really great enjoying break knowing I don't have to go back to school. It's nice not having to count down the days. We took a lot of pictures on the day I graduated. So I'll try and narrow it down to my top 20. Ok, maybe top 10. This first shot is right after I got out of graduation.


Here is one of the whole family. We took this pictures in front of the "castle." It's the building that is on our West Chester Logo. It's one of my favorite buildings and has whispering arches. If you whisper into one side of the arch it travels around to the other side. It's awesome!


Not really sure what what happening here.


The photographer.


Transition picture:


We were very excited. And there's Dad - solid as a rock.


It was a nice day for pictures.


We did it!!


Mike and Kelly came along too. My other parents.


Do you feel the love? I know I do.


I graduated six days ago. This morning I accepted a position at an elementary school. Six days after I graduated I got a job. That just doesn't happen. It's awesome and it feels like comfirmation from God that I'm doing the right thing.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Mom and I started decorating Sunday night. It has really started to feel like Christmas, especially when Charlie decided to break in the tree.


This is Charlie's first Christmas, so I was interested to see what she would try and do to the tree. I don't think this tree is as fun as a real tree will be - because this one is fake. And what Charlie did is not what I expected.


As soon as we got the tree up - she plopped right down and started licking. Thanks Charlie. You have made your first Christmas a memorable one.

She has also had this thing going on lately where she sleeps on the top step. When we are in the basement and I lock her down here, she sleeps at the top step to let me know she wants to go upstairs. Though, I can't lock her down there anymore because she fits through the cat door.


But sometimes, it's just where I find her. She just seems to like it.


Then I wake her up by taking pictures and she gives me the look. It's not nearly as mean as Tigger's look, but it's still pretty rough. This is the look of drowsiness, not to be confused with Tigger's look of disdain.


One last photo of the pup: This is Charlie whining at me to get her ball that was under the cabinet - even though she had one right next to her. Some people just want it all.


Oh, and one more thing - I graduate on Sunday. It's very exciting and I can't wait.

Untitled picture

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I sit here waiting for class to begin, I have the distinct pleasure of listening to my classmates talk about how great they are. Don't believe me? Trying sitting in my seat for the past 30 minutes. It's terrible, no wonder Cooperating Teachers complain about us. As good as we are at what we do - the real problem comes in the fact that we know it.

Instead of being humble and seeking advice and guidance, my classmates choose to give advice and guide their teachers.

I have had the privilege to grow up in a home where talents and gifts are attributed to God. I've always known that whatever talent I may posses belongs to God and should be used to his glory.

Sitting here listening to these kids talk makes me really appreciate the fact that I know who I am living for. As I listen to them talk about how they are amazing and wonderful and perfect, I realized how much I still have to learn about my profession.

Working with two wonderful ladies and Shamona has taught me that I have so much more to much more to seek out.

So thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the education I really needed, along with the education I wished for - to become a humble Physical Education teacher.

Monday, December 8, 2008

So Fresh

Walking into our newly finished living room is like walking into a breath of fresh air. Ha - I know what you're thinking. But after having a mid-renovation living room since the beginning of the summer, you would feel the same way too. The first couple days after it was all finished, walking down the stairs into the living room felt so nice. Knowing that we didn't have to do anything felt sooooo good!

So without further ado...The new living room (and a puppy)


Leia didn't mind taking a look around. I opened this window to vent out the room and she decided that I did it for her.


The floor and the trim are amazing. Luckily we had all hands on deck to move everything in and get it all cleaned up. It's it wonderful?


Seeing it with the furniture in it definitely makes it look complete. Sorry this took me so long!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Up and Coming

Hello All,

I haven't updated lately because I have actually been - lazy. Believe it or not. I get home from school and just wanna sit down. Especially now, with 3 days to go...I have to make sure everything has been done. No detail can be forgotten or graduation will pass me by.

I have taken many picture since the last time I have updated. Among the things you will see are:
The finished living room.
Christmas decorations.
Charlie breaking in the new tree.

And a short video:
Charlie dreaming.

And I'm sure there are more I don't remember. So stay tuned. Along "Updating" is on my to-do list.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Painting - FINALLY!

Dad and I started painting on Tuesday night. Which was a good night apparently since all of the other arms that live in the house were gone that night. It was just me, Dad, and Charlie. We were a little worried about Charlie walking around the room while we were painting, but she did awesome.

She just followed me around and licked my legs. Then she watched the central air move the paper around - that held her attention for about 10 seconds - just long enough to get one good bark out and be a little frightened at why the paper was moving. Then she went back to licking my legs. And she only licked the paint one time.


This was the beginning - lots of spackling.


Ah, that looks much better.


There is color on the walls, but at this time I don't have those pictures on my computer so you're just going to have to wait. The color looks awesome and I can't wait to see it with the furniture in it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding Bliss

We drove to Pittsburgh this weekend for Jess' rehearsal dinner and wedding. It was amazing. Everything was so very, well, Jess. It was exactly how I would picture her wedding. She looked amazing of course and we all bawled as she walked down the aisle. I'm pretty sure Zac started it. As soon as he saw her he started crying. Then Jess cried. Then her dad. Then her mom and brothers. Then me. Then all the bridesmaids. Yup - everybody cried.

The weekend started with the rehearsal. It was awesome. I think we might have had a 12 course meal: bread, appetizers, salad, beans, pasta, fish, and desert. It was a-ma-zing.

Not to mention a perfect photo opportunity.



Notice all the scarves - we were cold. That's the bride in blue.


Then came the wedding. I didn't take many pictures because a digital camera cannot do a wedding justice. It just can't. Plus, I wanted to enjoy the moment without taking pictures. The mother of the bride looking beautiful.


5 out of 6 bridesmaids.


Party! Jess looked awesome. You miss the whole effect in this picture because in the wedding she had a veil and gloves that went up past her elbows. It was perfect.



After the wedding we went to see the nativity scene about a block from the hotel. It took us at least 45 minutes to get ourselves together enough to leave and then we were maybe outside for 15 minutes. It was worth it.


We were cold. Very cold. That was pretty much the theme of the weekend.


The weekend was wonderful. I got to spend 2 days straight with my best friends and we got to celebrate Jess' wedding. It was a surreal moment for us when Jess left the reception. We were so happy and so sad at the same time. It's hard to explain, we were so excited for her, yet sad to see her go.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Times

The other night we had 4 little rugrats stay at our place while their happenin' parents hosted a party. Dinner consisted of grilled cheese and salad. Everything in the salad was nice and fresh and delicious. In fact, it was so delicious that Tommy asked us to give his Mom the recipe for the salad. Apparently, Mom and I rock at making a salad.

All that aside, chopping up the salad has a lot of perks. I got to eat a tomato every once in a while and I got some company. Six little legs stayed by my side as I chopped up tomates. The situation below happened on many occasions. So of course I had Mom grab the camera.


Also, Charlie has recently become a woman, and aside from all the crap I have to deal with about her - answering the kids questions was pretty interesting. "Why is Charlie wearing Lukey's underwear?" She's not - she has her own. "Why does she have underwear on?" She's sick. "Can I play with her?" Yes...and as Kelly answered "It's not a communicable disease."


For your information - it's batman underwear.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know...

I'm a huge bore. I haven't posted anything in weeks. Eek! Mainly because I'm annoyed that I cannot post pictures...which is the main component of all the posts I had planned. Then as something would happen and I would think "I need to take a picture of this for my blog," I would become overwhelmed with sadness. Then I would crawl into bed, cuddle with Charlie, and weep. Ok - that's almost all true. In all honesty, Charlie doesn't cuddle. EVER.

Our old, beautiful morning routine was shattered weeks ago when I started teaching. I don't know if it was her way of boycotting me or she just doesn't like to cuddle, but it stinks. Now our morning routine works a little differently.

I get up first, after hitting snooze 3 times. Then, before I grab my towel and head for the shower, I put Charlie under the covers. I know, she's spoiled, but I think she freezes at night. She normally sleeps pretty stretched out, but at night when I have the windows open and the fan on - she curls up like a ball. She tucks her nose as far into her belly as possible.

My second observation that tells me she might be pretty cold is the fact that her normally burning belly is cold. So I lift her up and tuck her under the covers, and she immediately stretches out. Then I go take my shower and when I come back she is in the same position I left her in.

So that is the story of my life. Get up, pamper Charlie, go to school, come home, play with Charlie, and go to sleep.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Delay of Game

No - the title is not about the Phillies. What it is about is the fact that xanga/my computer suck right now. I can't download my pictures onto the xanga website which means I can't get them on this blog, which means no more updates about Fall Festival. Ugh.

It works fine on my laptop - but the problem is that my laptop doesn't have all of the fall festival pics on it.

So I'm delayed by the fact that my computer sucks.

Boo. And no - that boo does not go with halloween. It goes with "Boo, I hate this computer but it has Photoshop so I must deal with it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Sort:

I'm going to have to vear from the path of "Fall Festival" pictures I promised, but you have to see these. They are mostly all of Charlie, but that's the whole point of this post. So get over it. I'm over it.

My little mangy puppy has been groomed today. Boy, has she ever been groomed. I thought you'd like to see a little of Scruffy Charlie before you see Pretty Charlie. This will help you really see the difference, and it'll give me a chance to show off my puppy.

Two weeks ago I had a ton of work to do, so Esther and I watched a movie in my room instead of downstairs. It gave Esther the opportunity to see what it's like for me. Charlie licks your face, walks on your back, and takes over the bed.

Copy of IMG_2706

She probably does that because she's used to the royal treatment. She those groucho marx eyebrows? Yeah? They're gone now, thanks to the grooming.


She looks so comfy when she sleeps. I wish I could get that comfortable.


Bodil (the breeder) offered to show me how to groom Charlie. Borders aren't you average dog, you can't just clip the hair. You have to strip it, or pull it out by hand. Needless to say, my Little Bearded Lady has never been groomed. But can I just say, she looks fantabulous.

From this:


To this:


It took an hour and a half to get her looking like that. She is so brown, so very brown. Bodil clipped the hair on her belly, trimmed her beard, and eyebrows, and tail, and legs, and neck, and booty. I'm guessing she lost about 15 lbs of hair. Ok, not that much.


She literally looks like a completely different dog. Completely different. I took her to Mom to show off her new do and Mom did a double take. As I'm sure all of you will too when you see her in person again.

Charlie has earned several nicknames since coming to me casa, most of them you see above. But the other nickname I have for her is "Little Fatty." Today I found out that I was right, she is a fatty. Bodil told me that she needs to lose some weight. It's just puppy fat, but it still needs to go. She probably has it because I've been feeding her twice as much as she needs. Oops.

But when you hear how much she needs, you won't think what I'm feeding her is that much. She only needs a 1/2 cup a day. Well, that and all the treats Mom gives her.

But enough about Charlie (bet you never thought you'd hear me say that), on my last day at DMS I took a picture with my 6th grade health class. I love those kids.


See the kids second from the left? The one sitting on the AC? Yeah, he's my favorite. I'm allowed to have a favorite since they aren't my kids. So it's official. He's my favorite. I really loved all of them though and I really miss them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's time - I think

Since there are far too many pictures for one post I'll be seperating it into three stages. Charlie, Charlie, and Fall Festival. Kidding! Charlie, Culbert Kiddies, and Fall Festival. Nope - that won't work. I've got it - Pumpkins, Applesauce, and In-between's. I feel as though that last category is appropriate because it is part of the title of this blog. I'm going to start with the Pumpkins section because I got lots of good pumpkin photos.

The first step to our awesome pumpkin making happened Friday night - we went to Weaver's and picked out our pumpkins. I made sure that we got a picture with each kid and their pumpkin.

Fall Fest 047

Fall Fest 039

Fall Fest 042

Fall Fest 037

Fall Fest 043

Fall Fest 034

Fall Fest 049

While we were there Cricket decided to make friends with the local goat. Yes, it is backing away from her as she fake kissed it.

Fall Fest 060

Then we headed back home for some chili and hang out time. Don't worry Mike - I won't post that picture of you playing Annie's violin with Tommy's shorts on your head.

After all the applesauce making and clean-up. It was finally time to carve pumpkins. I think Cricket, Char, Lauren, and I took it more seriously than all the kids. We were the last ones at the table carving.

Fall Festival 106

I drew a bat for Lukey and I figured he'd be cutting it out so you wouldn't be able to see how poorly I drew it. But about 30 minutes later I heard Lukey say "I'm giving it eyes!" That was my first clue that he wouldn't be carving it out. The second was when he said "I gave it a bellybutton!" But then I checked later and saw he carved out the body - and that was the only thing in his whole pumpkin that he cut out.

Fall Festival 108

I don't think Leia really cared about her pumpking. I'm pretty sure she was just thrilled to be handed a Sharpie. She didn't get much of a design on her pumpkin - but somehow she ended up with a perfect heart cut out of it.

Fall Festival 109

Emily did a spectacular job cutting out her pumpkin. She didn't need any help from anyone. I loved hers - she didn't carve out the whole design so it looks like Larry from Veggietales.

Fall Festival 114

I think Annie was the first one done - I had just finished drawing my design and I look up and there she is posing with her pumpkin. She definitely has the record for fastest pumpkin carver.

Fall Festival 115

Tommy started out with good intensions, "I'm making a hole!" Then he ended up with a helmet. That might be the best pumpkin helmet I have ever seen.

Fall Festival 129

I had to put the camera on a box and use the timer to take the picture so the shutter could stay open without me shaking. It turned out really cool because the light that is there looks even more intense than it really was. Left to right: Annie, Leia, Emily, Tommy, and Lukey's is behind Tommy's (oops).

Fall Festival 140

Now for the rest of us. From left to right: Charlotte, Me, Lauren, Esther, and Cricket.

Fall Festival 136

This was cricket's first time carving a pumpkin and I'd say it turned out pretty darn sweet. She drew the tree all by herself. Char cut out the Seatle Sky line - I think somebody might be a tad bit excited about moving.

Stay tuned for the next exciting entry - Applesauce Schmapplesauce, We Own that Crank

ps...Have you seen Char's new hair? It's awesome. Oh, see that little piece of paper she is holding? That is the recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds. "I didn't have any paper."

Fall Festival 016